Entry mode and resizing
dmuma55Posted: Sun Jan 7 2018 01:34 am

Hello, first let me say, love this game. Real Kakuro has the cutesy graphics but I'd rather a full game with settings and ability to generate my size and difficulty. Thanks for this. I have a couple of things to ask and maybe they alraedy have been answered. Appologies if that the case. I have bought and used the IOS app on my Ipad and Iphone. Works flawlessly. I am now using the Windows website verion on my 2017 Surface Pro and the option I would like to see and have maybe overlooked is when I am in pencil mode (green) to enter more than one number in the selected cell it changed back to blue, pen mode if I leave that cell going to a new cell. Some probably like to edit more than one cell before making the perminent answer. Have I overlooked a setting? The only other thing is when I pinch and zoom the screen to make it bigger and try to tap a cell to edit the cursor shows uo in a totally different area of the screen than the cell to be edited. If I zoom all the way back in to the default size it works fine again. Other than that this is really the best gane I have seen so far for ease of use. Thanks again.