Stats 2023
PhilkePosted: Sun Jan 14 2024 04:46 am

Best wishes for 2024 for all playersAnyone able to generate the statistics for 2023?Would be much appreciated

matjazPosted: Mon Jan 15 2024 01:09 am

I tried to, but my python code doesn't work - I get an "access to this page is forbidden" message. It seems that the admin changed some security settings and now scraping is not possible. Maybe admin can confirm? Or maybe iansnt can get around it?

Actually I don't think that manual copy-pasting of all the data would take that much time, and I would have to write just a little bit more code - I might get around to it at some point if that's the only way. I'm curious too, especially as I have a feeling that I have gotten a little closer to morl.