kakuro online added to the Paper Puzzle Masterlist
Pedro's WorksPosted: Sun Sep 11 2022 07:19 am


Both Kakuro-online and the family of solvers and generators on this domain have been added to the Paper Puzzle Masterlist I've been compiling.

Is there any name I should credit as "lead programmer" ?

Best wishes,

Pedro from pedros.works

AdminPosted: Tue Sep 13 2022 09:10 pm

Cool site Pedro! Lots of stuff there to check out.

As for a name, I'm preferring to remain anonymous at this point. Although a dedicated sleuther could find some iPhone apps released under my name that link back to this site... 

Pedro's WorksPosted: Wed Sep 14 2022 04:00 am

Thank you!

If at some point I include an extra section about paper puzzle apps, I'll be sure to include yours too :)