puzzle doesn't load
morlPosted: Mon Feb 21 2022 03:04 am

When I hit "Play" the daily puzzle didn't load. I had to reload the page about 5 times until the puzzle finally showed up. That lost me 5 secs or so, and now I'm a bit peeved because this isn't even the first time this happened to me.

noiusliPosted: Mon Feb 21 2022 01:37 pm

The same is happening to me sometimes, black screen

cutchPosted: Sun Mar 20 2022 08:33 am

been happening a lot more often for me lately. used to go weeks/months without having this issue, now it's been a couple times in a week

EinzigeMeisterPosted: Mon Apr 11 2022 08:21 pm

Often when I load a puzzle, it shows up all black. I noticed clicking "Clear" typically loads the puzzle but not always.