First sub-60sec times
arbor8Posted: Mon Feb 3 2014 10:17 am

Congrats Zyntax and Darklady! We are starting to see some faster times.After a while,

maybe even 30sec feels reachable

AdminPosted: Tue Feb 4 2014 10:59 am

Yes, two very impressive times! I have been trying to make the "Easy" difficulty puzzles easier to facilitate fast solving.

ZyntaxPosted: Thu Feb 13 2014 04:37 pm



The controls I feel are good now for quick solving. The big one for me was moving the cursor anywhere with the keyboard vs only valid squares.


I still think the hardest puzzles can be extremely hard, and a little too hard for my liking, but I still give them a go, even though for me I don't have as much fun solving them (if I can). For those that solve these (relatively) quick, I'm impressed!

DarkladyPosted: Sun Feb 16 2014 02:07 pm

I still want to be able to hover and type without having to click. :p

And, thanks. :)

DarkladyPosted: Mon Feb 24 2014 01:10 am

Stumbled into a 42 second time today. Unfortunately, I lost a few seconds refreshing the page because the puzzle came up solid black the first time. That's been happening from time to time, though not frequently.

arbor8Posted: Mon Feb 24 2014 09:28 am

Same thing here and daily! I lose usually 2 or 3 seconds.

AdminPosted: Mon Feb 24 2014 02:30 pm

Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I think I fixed it. Let me know if it continues happening.

DarkladyPosted: Tue Feb 25 2014 02:15 am

It happened again today.

arbor8Posted: Tue Feb 25 2014 09:25 am

Worked fine with the first click,but the time I get after submitting the answer, is 2 sec  better than what is in the ranking list

qqwrefPosted: Mon Mar 24 2014 09:43 am

I got my first sub-60 today :) 44 on the daily puzzle.

AdminPosted: Tue Mar 25 2014 11:48 pm

qqwref wrote :

I got my first sub-60 today :) 44 on the daily puzzle.

If this forum supported smilies you would see a stylized representation of a smiling face here. :)