Oversize puzzles?
Smythe DakotaPosted: Sat Jul 24 2021 09:57 am

What's wrong with the Generator this morning?  I asked for an 11 x 11, instead it gave me a 14 x 14.  Then I asked again for an 11 x 11, and it gave me a 19 x 19.


AdminPosted: Sun Jul 25 2021 04:48 pm

I'm not able to replicate the issue, is it still happening? Does it give you oversize puzzles even when checking the "Database?" checkbox?

Smythe DakotaPosted: Sun Jul 25 2021 11:06 pm

It only happened once.  Well, twice, one time right after another.  It was probably a hiccup during the download.  When I left the site and then came back in, it was OK.

If I check Database and then enter a puzzle number, that puzzle number comes up whether its size matches the chosen specs or not.  That's to be expected, though.

But now I noticed something else, with this Forum.  When I Submit my message, it says Page Not Found.  But then when I select Forum again, the message is there.


Last Edited: Sun Jul 25 2021 11:10 pm