Nice boxframe
arbor8Posted: Sat Dec 21 2013 07:53 am

You created a nice boxframe,Authority

Not a standard boxframe, where you have 4 isolated corners that are connected in the

middlefield.This looked more like a serpentine figure

Can you choose a certain type of boxframe beforehand or do they come randomly?

AdminPosted: Sat Dec 21 2013 02:01 pm

I'm glad you liked today's design! The generator I use for the daily puzzles has an option to specify the grid, instead of the grid being generated randomly. It allows for more aesthetically pleasing puzzles. There'd be more possiblities for cool patterns if there wasn't a (self imposed) restriction that there are no runs that are only one cell long.

So far all of the grids for the daily puzzles have been made by me, and that will probably continue until I lose motivation. For now, however, my will remains steadfast! Plus I have a whole bunch of puzzles in the queue waiting to be used.