"Summer" vs "Winter" time
Smythe DakotaPosted: Sat Aug 1 2020 11:18 am

For all those who solve a puzzle at about the moment "winter" time is changing to "summer" time or vice versa, and who get cheated out of (or unfairly benefit from) an extra hour of solving time, would it be possible for your software to just grab ahold of GMT (and a "winter-only" version of GMT at that) for both start time and end time, and just subtract the two to display the solving time?

I'm not sure how computers handle time zones and summer-winter ("Daylight-Standard") switches, but I suspect that each computer's internal clock is always set to GMT (Greenwich mean time without the summer hour added), and then simply adds the local time zone (along with the extra summer hour if applicable) for display purposes.  If so, and if it's possible for your software to grab onto the GMT instead of the local time, this semi-annual problem could be fixed easily.

Bill Smythe


Last Edited: Sat Aug 1 2020 11:30 am