Connection problems
ahempePosted: Wed Jun 10 2020 04:07 pm

I finished today's daily puzzle in 2:14, yet it took almost another 2 minutes to register the time, which eventually came in at 4:11.  This is not the first time this has happened.  I often experience delays when trying to connect with this website.  I know the problem is not on my end, because I do not have these issues with other websites that I use.  Is there anything you can do about this?

AdminPosted: Fri Jun 12 2020 06:15 am

I've been getting the sense that that the hosting provider that I use has been getting less reliable over time, I've noticed some serious lags with page load times and also a bit of a downtime, which obviously isn't good for a site that relies on quickness. I'll look into switching hosts, or possibly upgrading from the bare-bones plan I currently have with them.

I took you at your word and modified your time for that puzzle to 02:14, sorry about that.

ahempePosted: Mon Jun 22 2020 03:42 pm

I finished today's (June 22) puzzle in 1:32, but it was recorded as 3:19.  I can send you a screen shot if you would like.

arbor8Posted: Mon Jun 29 2020 12:19 am

My lags have been in seconds for years . 3-5 sec with IE and up to 10 sec with Firefox