Time didn't save
morlPosted: Thu Apr 16 2020 06:10 am

I completed the puzzle but my time didn't save. I solved it for the second time and then my time did save. What's happening here?

momentumPosted: Thu Jul 2 2020 03:02 pm

Didn't save my time today.  Was it because I solved it wrong?


When I finished the puzzle I got the message that I wasn't logged on.

And of course was logged off as I finished it.

Just in case...

Last Edited: Fri Jan 1 2021 03:24 pm
momentumPosted: Tue Oct 5 2021 04:46 pm

Got "Error saving your time" message.

No red numbers ,green frame, all sums correct.

Time was saved nevertheless(perhaps due not leaving the page too fast?)


cutchPosted: Thu Nov 3 2022 08:13 pm

Also getting the "Error Saving Time" message. Tried solving it twice, logging out and logging back in, and still won't save. Can try back in an hour or later although I solved it in about 8 minutes 

Last Edited: Thu Nov 3 2022 08:14 pm
momentumPosted: Fri Dec 30 2022 01:08 pm

logged me out upon hitting the submit button...