Daily puzzle technical glitches
matjazPosted: Fri Mar 20 2020 12:38 am

There's some weird behavior regarding the daily puzzle that has been bugging me for some time.

Typically, when I press arrow keys, the blue square moves, but the puzzle stays in place (as it should).

However, after I use the undo button, the puzzle also moves when I press the arrow keys. It is quite annoying.

Similarly, the space key typically erases the number(s) in a box. But once the undo button has been pressed, the space key stops working.

Both of this is only an issue with the daily puzzle, not with the generated puzzles.

@admin: Is there a way to correct that?

matjazPosted: Fri May 22 2020 01:44 am

I figured it out: I have to click anywhere outside of the puzzle, and then it works normally again.