international time slip
alisonmpagePosted: Sun Mar 8 2020 03:30 am

I deduce America you have put your clocks forward for summer time? I have paid back the hour that was taken off my time in October. 21 mins (ouch) became 1.21. I just thought I'd mention it because it's a neat resolution to my previous post. I promise I won't say every time this happens! Just made me smile 'Ah - my missing hour - we meet again'.

AdminPosted: Sat Mar 14 2020 07:44 am

I fixed your time, thanks for letting me know. Please keep bugging me about this, eventually I'll implement a fix.

alisonmpagePosted: Mon Mar 23 2020 01:34 am

Please don't feel any obligation to fix this unless it's an enjoyable puzzle for you