Other daily puzzles
matjazPosted: Sun Feb 23 2020 05:31 am

Do you do other daily puzzles? I solve kakuro on this web site and suguru  here: https://dkmgames.com/Suguru/

I win about 10% of the games here, and about 20% of the games there. So it's a very special day when I win both (it has happened twice so far). It would happen a lot more if FexSHO and morl were to become human.


CampusclimberPosted: Thu Mar 5 2020 06:25 am

I used to do about a dozen different puzzles by nikoli. Very well done, I believe 100% of the puzzles were human written and not computer generated. They had a monthly subscription service for about $5 a month I think, but they stopped a couple years ago. There’s also conceptis puzzles, but the quality isn’t as high and they don’t have an online leaderboard.