What a Challenging Kakuro
Am I?Posted: Wed Apr 17 2019 01:14 pm

Once upon a time, Am I? was looking at the past leaderboards, where she saw this horrible, horrible thing. 

Only six people managed to finish the daily kakuro at December 1, 2017 and the fastest time was 16 minutes, followed by 37 minutes and then 69 minutes... She was curious, and clicked the Play button, where she was filled with pure unadulterated confusion. (https://imgur.com/a/cL8YpDv)

She miraculously finished that puzzle, (19 minutes if anyone's curious) but she wanted to share the confusion with people and perhaps reintroduce the confusion to the ones who finished the puzzle previously. She awaits your comments. 


Last Edited: Wed Apr 17 2019 01:18 pm
qqwrefPosted: Thu May 16 2019 08:56 pm

I gave it a try and made basically no progress - got the first 4 obvious numbers, eliminated some clues, but nothing big. I wonder if there is some clever type of logic I don't know about that would help.

morlPosted: Fri May 17 2019 02:22 am

I found it also extremely hard. Finally I decided to guess, and as my guess was lucky, I "solved" it in 11 min. But I have no clue how it's possible without guessing.

Am I?Posted: Thu Jun 13 2019 05:31 am

I can't recall how I did it either but I'm pretty sure I solved it with pure logic and intense staring, no trial-and-error. 

One of my very favorite "clever" logic in kakuro that I've never seen anyone mention before was that, if after I fill a number, that corner would have multiple solutions, then that number is wrong. That helped me finish a lot of kakuros I would never finish otherwise. 

qqwrefPosted: Sat Jun 22 2019 09:40 pm

I solved it and wrote up the line of logic I found. It's tricky, but I think each step can be followed. Maybe people will learn something, I know I did.https://imgur.com/gallery/zFpRFJJ

FexSHOPosted: Sun Jun 23 2019 12:29 pm


Very nice strategies are being used!