No Numbers
MJOYPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 02:06 am

I logged in to do the latest puzzle at about 12:00 midnight Pacific Time, and there are no numbers on the puzzle. Did this happen to other people or is something wrong with my computer? (I notice no one has done the puzzle yet.)

The nice fishPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 03:27 am

Same problem here. Doesn't seems work with neither firefox or chrome

arbor8Posted: Sun Feb 11 2018 09:14 am

Same thing here

ZyntaxPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 09:33 am

Same here, but I've been getting this issue randomly on some previous days. I use Chrome, but when this happened in the past I had to switch to Internet Explorer to get the numbers to appear. Then the next day the numbers would be fine in Chrome. It's really odd.

drhelenwPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 03:23 pm

same here

AdminPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 03:26 pm

Sorry folks! Looks like I added the pre-generation grid instead of the actual puzzle for today. I've fixed the problem and reset everyone's times.

Edit: and modified my interface so it will warn me when I try to add a puzzle that doesn't have any numbers 😄😄

Last Edited: Sun Feb 11 2018 03:43 pm
The nice fishPosted: Sun Feb 11 2018 03:41 pm

Great! Works fine now :)