Welcome to Kakuro-Online! Check out the kakuro generator if you need a quick fix. A new puzzle generated for you, every time! Or, you can test your wits against others by playing the timed daily kakuro puzzle. Need an extra challenge? Check out the large kakuros in the archives. Perhaps you have a puzzle that's stumping you? Just put it in the kakuro solver and feel your problems melt away.



News! There are now a bunch more large kakuros to be solved in the archives, including two 100x100 behemoths. Try your hand at the harder and more recent of the two here. Congratulations to qqwref for being the only known person to solve the first one! If you, reader, have completed it as well let us know in the forum.

I've also updated the kakuro solver a little bit to handle single-cell runs without clues. It should now be able to handle any somewhat-standard kakuro thrown at it.
Posted: Jul 25 2014 12:21 am

More Large Kakuros

There is now a new feature on the site: a page for large kakuros outside of the daily ones. Check it out here. There are now four 50x50 kakuros available to be solved, and I will be adding more periodically, of varying sizes. These puzzles, unlike the daily ones, are available for non-members, so everyone can get in on the hot kakuro action!
Posted: Feb 8 2014 07:05 pm

New Large Kakuro

It's been a month since launch! Happy anniversary! In the spirit of celebration I have a gift: a 50x50 kakuro, available on the generator page. Just type in the ID "e1" and hit the "Generate Puzzle" button, or use this link: 50x50 kakuro. Unfortunately with this new plus-size puzzle comes a new method of saving progress, so any saved puzzles on the generator page are no more. I definitely recommend using the save button copiously for this one. It might take a few sessions!
Posted: Jan 9 2014 10:55 pm

Kakuro Online is Live!

The testing period is over, the slate has been cleared, and this site is ready to go. Let history mark December 9th, 2013 as the start of a glorious new epoch of online kakuro solving!
Posted: Dec 9 2013 12:00 am
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